A toothache is no laughing matter. Toothaches often bring sleepless nights, difficulty eating and drinking, and may even result in additional problems such as infections or abscesses. If you’ve been taking painkillers or icing your aching jaw, it sounds like you need to arrange an appointment with our Emergency Dentist in Alexandria.

We have set aside time in our day to accommodate emergency patients in our practice on the day of call. We can be reached on 8188 0049, or after hours on Dr. Shapiro’s mobile number 0412 521 802

Your toothache may have a variety of causes. Perhaps it’s the result of decay, or of impacted wisdom teeth. Perhaps you’ve had an accident or fall and you’ve cracked or broken a tooth. Or perhaps you’ve bitten down on something hard, cracking a filling or damaging a dental implant in the process. Whatever the cause, arranging an appointment with our Emergency Dentist may relieve your pain and prevent the problem from becoming more severe.

Our Emergency Dentist in Alexandria is experienced in a variety of emergency dental treatments, including tooth extraction, root canals, fillings and the drainage of abscesses and treatment of infections. Post-treatment we may also be able to help you improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental veneers and teeth whitening. These are popular for aesthetic reasons, and may help give your self-esteem a boost.

So if you’ve suffered a fall or you’ve let that cavity go unattended for too long, don’t simply hope that things will get better. Call to arrange an appointment with our Emergency Dentist as soon as possible and we’ll aim to alleviate your pain and get your oral health back on track.

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