Fresher breath – the cure for halitosis

Bad breath can be a very embarrassing social and professional problem and more people suffer from bad breath or halitosis than you think. Here at Green Square Dental we treat and cure the causes of bad breath leaving you with a confident, clean and fresh smelling mouth.

Why do we get bad breath?

Anaerobic bacteria convert proteins from exfoliated mucosal epithelium, dead bacteria, mucus in post nasal drip and food we consume into volatile sulphur compounds. VSCs are what cause your breath to smell putrid.

Some people produce more VSCs than others. Two of the main causes are salivary pH and reduced flow. Anaerobes prefer an acidic environment, and a reduced salivary flow does not flush away or dilute the VSC production. Additionally a reduced salivary flow does not neutralise the pH of the oral environment and fails to bring oxygen to combat the anaerobic activity. Reduced salivary flow can be caused by Sjogren’s syndrome, age, alcohol, fasting, stress, medication, reduced water consumption and salivary gland pathology/removal. Morning breath is a manifestation of these factors. During sleep our saliva flow reduces to near zero and the pH rises.

So what’s the cure?

Here at Green Square Dental the treatment for bad breath (or Halitosis) is education regarding the physical removal of the stagnant source by scraping the tongue, then flossing and brushing correctly. Then Dr Shapiro prescribes a Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) mouthwash. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidising agent which effectively destroys VSCs.

ClO2 is not a masking agent, it does not cover a foul odour with a pleasant one, it eliminates it. ClO2 also kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay, periodontal disease and oral malodour. It treats the cause and the symptoms.

Closys is the product we at Green Square Dental recommend

Closys is unflavoured, so it can be “swished” for the required one minute without any burning sensation associated with other, alcohol-based mouthwashes. It doesn’t affect taste sensation so you can enjoy a meal or drink immediately after rinsing. The effects lasts for hours so a morning sloosh is all you need to get off to a great “fresh breath” day.

Closys is available as a mouthwash, toothpaste and oral spray or in a kit which contains all 3 items together, with a tongue cleaner. These kits are available for purchase from Green Square Dental. Call us for a free fresher breath analysis appointment today!!!!!!!